February 21-24, 2019
Tüyap İstanbul Fair, Congress and Convention Center
Net Area
12-14 Halls
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Mehmet Ragıp Ergin +90 212 8671114
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Expo Organizer

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Printtek Digital 2019, 14th International Digital Print Technologies and Materials Fair


  • Pre-press systems / software / materials manufacturers and distributors 
  • Printing systems / materials manufacturers and distributors 
  • Digital printing technologies manufacturers and distributors 
  • Hybrid printing teknolojileri manufacturers and distributors
  • Post-press systems / materials manufacturers and distributors 
  • Paper converting manufacturers and distributors 
  • Tomorrow’s printing technologies; Nanotechnology / 3D Printing technologies
  • Consumables / chemicals manufacturers and distributors
  • Ink manufacturers and distributors 
  • Paper producers and wholesalers
  • Board / corrugated board producers and wholesalers​
  • Used printing machinery dealers
  • Service providers
  • Card technologies manufacturers and distributors 
  • Stationary products / office technologies manufacturers and distributors  
  • Plant infrastructure systems and equipment manufacturers


  • Printing Industry 
  • Digital Printing Services 
  • Copy Services 
  • Publishing ,Press, Media 
  • Information Technologies Industry 
  • Marketing and Communication Services 
  • Promotional Products Industry 
  • Packaging Industry 
  • Label Industry 
  • Card Industry 
  • Offi ce Materials Sector 
  • Graphic Design Services 
  • Machinery Manufacturers and Subsidiary Industry 
  • Related Public Corporations 
  • Related NGO’s 
  • Related Educational Institutions 
  • Banking, Leasing Companies 



1/A)     Pre-Press Systems and Software
   1.      Color separation devices
   2.      Mounting equipment 
   3.      Film setters 
   4.      Computer to Plate (CTP)
   5.      Film and plate processors 
   6.      Plate punch and benders
   7.      Desktop publishing systems (DTP)
   8.      Input devices 
             8.1 Digital camera and related accessories 
             8.2 Tablets
             8.3 Scanners 
    9.      Output devices 
             9.1 Monitors, 
             9.2 CD / DVD systems 
             9.3 Proofing systems 
             9.4 Printers 
             9.5 Cutting plotters 
             9.6 Laser cutting systems
    10.    Software 
            10.1 Publishing software 
            10.2 Multimedia software 
            10.3 3D software 
            10.4 Online solutions and E-Business software
            10.5 Data checking and handling software 
            10.6 Encoding and identification software
            10.7 Workflow software
            10.8 Software for packaging prepress  
            10.9 Colour matching systems
            10.10 CAD/CAM 
1/ B)     Printing Systems and Materials 
  1.   Sheetfed printing machines
  2.   Web Ofset printing machines
  3.   Screen-printing 
              3.1 Screen-printing machines
              3.2 Computerized screen-printing systems
              3.3 Automatic carousel printing machines
              3.4 Sublimation printing equipment
              3.5 Emulsion coating machines
              3.6 Fusion equipment
              3.7 Film mounting equipment
              3.8 Tensioning equipment
              3.9 IR, UV and equipment
              3.10 Screen-printing relief equipment
              3.11 Wiping and smoothing equipment
              3.12 Frame cleaning equipment
              3.13 Transfer support materials
              3.14 UV Polymerization machines
              3.15 Screen-printing products and accessories
                        3.15.1 Cleaning tanks
                        3.15.2 Finishing materials
                        3.15.3 Toner for sublimation printing
                        3.15.4 Solvents and de-coating materials
                        3.15.5 Silk and film
                        3.15.6 Duplicate emulsion and films
                        3.15.7 Synthetic film and stencils
  4.     Flexographic printing machines
  5.     Letterpress machines
  6.     Machines for packaging printing 
  7.     Gravure printing machines 
  8.     Tampon printing machines 
  9.     Proofing machines 
10.     Ticket printing machines 
11.     Envelope manufacturing and printing machines 
12.     Tin printing machines 
13.     Label printing machines 
14.     Tissue printing machines
15.     Security printing machines 
16.    Foil printing machines
17.    Gilding machines
18.    Laminating machines                                          
19.    Digital printing machines and systems 
             19.1 Digital printing machines
             19.2 Digital photographic printing machines 
             19.3 Digital wide format printing machines
             19.4 Ink jet printing systems
             19.5 Electrostatic Printing Machines
             19.6 Laser machines
             19.7 Thermo transfer printers
             19.8 Digital printing materials
             19.9 Digital photographic printing materials
             19.10 RIP software
             19.11 Transfer materials
             19.12 Other digital methods
 20.  Hybrid printing machines 
 21.    Auxiliary machines
              21.1 Pile and pile turners
              21.2 Antistatic eliminators
              21.3 Ovens and dryers
              21.4 Ink pump and level control systems
              21.5 Color measurement equipment, color care   
                      systems and related light sources
              21.6 Cooling equipment
              21.7 Testing equipment
1/C)     Post-press Systems and Materials
 1.Cutting machines
 2.Folding and gluing machines
 3. Sheet folding machines
 4. Binding machines 
           4.1 Saddle stitchers
           4.2 Sewing machines
           4.3 Perfect binding machines
           4.4 Case makers, casing in machines and hard cover 
           4.5 Spiral binding systems
  5.Cellophane machines 
  6.Varnishing machines and tools
  7.Numbering units
  8.Barcode systems
  9.Perforating machines
 10.Envelope machines 
 11.Packing systems
 12.Mailroom systems
 13.Labeling machines
 14.Inserting machines
 15.Gathering and stitching machines
 16.Waste paper disposal systems
 17.Knives, guillotines, cutters, drilling 
1/D)  Converting 
1.Converting for stationery  
2.Converting for the paper industry 
3.Converting for the packaging industry
4.Converting for hygiene products 
5.Converting for technical paper products
1/E)   Inks
1.Offset printing inks 
2.Flexographic printing inks 
3.Gravure printing inks 
4.Screen printing inks 
       4.1 Transfer inks
       4.2 UV inks
5.Toners and inks 
       5.1 Digital inks  
       5.2 Inks for pad-tampon printing 
1/F)  Printing materials,consumables and chemicals 
1.Coating and varnish 
3.Darkroom chemicals
4.Anti-setoff powder 
5.Fountain solutions
6.Printing formes, coating formes, embossing formes 
7.Printing blankets
8.Rollers and complementary products
9.Cleaning solutions 
10.Adhesives and glues  
11.Bookbinding materials 
12.Embossing and laminating materials 
13.Photographic materials 
14.Conveyor belts and tapes 


2/ A) Nanotechnology
2/ B)  3D Printing technologies

  1. Machines and technologies 
     1.1 3D Printers
     1.2 3D Scanners
     1.3 Laser machines for model making
     1.4 Machines for rapid prototyping
     1.5 Surface treatment technology
     1.6 Model and mold production technology
  2. Related Devices 
     2.1 Three dimensional measuring devices
    2.2 Laser measurement technology and calibration
    2.3 Measuring and display systems
    2.4 Testing equipments
  3. Materials
    3.1 Hybrid 
   3.2 Composite
   3.3 Plastics
   3.4 Ceramic
   3.5 Metal
   3.6 Functional materials
 4. Software
  4.1 3D visualization
  4.2 3D graphics and modelling software
  4.3 CAD/CAM systems
  4.4 CT/MRT and image processing systems

3.     PAPER

3.1 Web printing paper 
3.2 Cut-size paper   
3.3 Papers and cardboards for book, newspaper, magazine 
      and packaging 
3.4 Papers and cardboards for special printed materials
3.5 Labels
3.6 Films and foils 
3.7 Mesh fabric
3.8 PVC hard foam board 
3.9 Cards
      3.9.1 Thermal
      3.9.2 Roll 
      3.9.3 Alternative materials
3.10 Invitation, postal card, poster
3.11 Various envelope products
3.12 Agenda and calendar


4.1.Card manufacturing technologies and materials
4.2.Card printing systems
4.3.Testing and measurement systems
4.4.Card personalisation, packaging and mailing systems 
4.5.Card technologies equipment and services
4.6.Software and security systems
    4.6.1.Data management and security
    4.6.2.IT security
4.7.Card management systems
4.8.Smart card applications
4.9.Loyalty applications 
4.10.Identification technologies
4.11.Card protection applications
    4.12.1 Service providers
    4.12.2 Consultancy 
    4.12.3 Engineering
    4.12.4 Telecommunication and internet


5.1.Stationery products and consumables
 5. 2.Filing and archives systems
 5.3.Cartridge, ink and filing machines
 5.4.Stamp and stamp machines
 5.5.Shredders  and print cutters
 5.6.Computers, photocopy and scanners
        5.7.Fax, phone and supplies
 5.9.Cash registers and cash counting machines
 5.10.Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
 5.11.Gift articles, party and festive materials
 5.12.Hobby and creative materials
 5.13.Promotional items and materials
 5.14. Licensed articles
        5.15.Writing utensils
        5.16.Drawing and draft utensils
        5.17.Desktop office utensils and consumables
        5.18.Desk mat sets and table top items
        5.19.Portable computer cases, document holders and briefcases
        5.20.Display units and shelves
        5.21.Drawing boards, clipboards and presentation aids
        5.22. Ergonomic office furnitures and accessories
        5. 23. Computer, printer and scanner tables
        5.24.Shelves, cabinet and divider pannels for office


    6.1 Warehousing and logistics
          6.1.1 Warehousing units
          6.1.2 Stacking, lining machines and systems
          6.1.3 Lifting and conveying equipment
          6.1.4 Automated systems and robots
          6.1.5 Shelf systems
          6.1.6 Loadng and unloading systems
    6.2 Recycling
           6.2.1 Waste recycling systems
           6.2.2 Waste assessment
    6.3 Air conditioning and humidity control systems
    6.4 Regulators, generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)


7.1 Used machinery dealers
7.2 Financial services
7.3 Diabanks
7.4 Marketing visual communication services
          7.4.1 Ad application equipment
          7.4.2 Ad application materials
          7.4.3 Ad sign
          7.4.4 LED and lighting equipment
          7.4.5 Mounting equipment and materials
          7.4.6 Printing applications
          7.4.7 Orientation and info systems
          7.4.8 Design and display systems
          7.4.9 Sound, light and visual systems
          7.4.10 Decorative lighting
7.5 Outdoor advertisement services
           7.5.1 Billboards
           7.5.2 Stop and station advertisement applications
           7.5.3 Facade, wall and roof advertisements
           7.5.4 LED pannels
           7.5.5 Multivision advertisement applications
           7.5.6 Underground and airport advertisement applications
           7.5.7 Mobile advertising
           7.5.8 POS floor graphics
           7.5.9 POS advertising
           7.5.10 Sponsorship services
           7.5.11 Sports facilities and stadium advertisement applications
           7.5.12 Digital sign
7.6 Printing services
7.7 Trade and technical literatures 
7.8 Trade associations
7.9 Educational institutions