Why Should You Participate Printtek 2017 ?

The traditional meeting point of the industry professionals since 1986

The most significant and comprehensive meeting of the print technologies and paper industries within Turkey and the Eurasian Region every three years

A unique opportunity to meet Professional Visitors and Buyers from minimum 65 Countries and 70 Cities of Turkey as a result of effective marketing strategies

A five days period to meet managers, decision makers and purchasing executives of companies that operate in print, publishing, advertising, packaging, print-copy services, graphic design, stationary and office materials, card technologies industries within Turkey and Eurasia

For professionals visitors from the Balkans, Black Sea, Caucasia,Russia, West and Central Asia,the Middle East and the North Africa; Printtek is a trade event that helps to determine important investment decisions and purchases. The countries within the Eurasia Region are among the most important markets of the print technologies and paper industries in Turkey, thanks to their dynamic population structures, increasing purchase strength, cultural bonds and commercial potential

An opportunity for small and medium-scale companies to open up to new markets

To strengthen your company’s brand image and brand awareness in the Eurasian Market

To broaden your customers and dealers network nationally and internationally